The Day Of

December 11,1994


I weighed 4lbs 6oz, premature 2 months, dads name is Robert Joseph Starkebaum and my moms name is Tammy Marie Breazeale, I have 2 brothers named Daryl John and Austin Joseph, I got out of icu on Christmas Day!

Local news

Sunday, December 11, 7amish


The best person ever was born!!

Around the world

Cesar Romero, 86, actor, the Joker on Batman, died, January 1, 1994.

News found in The New York Times, December 11, 1994

Thomas J. Mosser , the top executive with one of the nation's largest advertising firms was killed yesterday when a letter or parcel mailed to his home in North Caldwell, N.J., exploded as he opened it

Monique (actress) was born the same day

Random facts

The lion king came out in 1994 and was the top grossing film for 1994

Kenneth Rush past away on December 11,1994; he was a United States Ambassador who helped negotiate the ground-breaking four-power agreement in 1971 that ended the post-war crisis over Berlin.

On December 11, 1994 A bomb assembled by Ramzi Yousef explodes on Philippine Airlines Flight 434, only killing a Japanese businessman.

- Ramzi Yousef was one of the main perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a co-conspirator in the Bojinka plot, he received life in prison without parol.