Marriage Equality Debate

How same-sex couples are making big news

What is marriage equality anyway?

Marriage equality is allowing people of same-sex to marry.

What are the laws on same-sex marriage in the United States?

Currently the matter is being debated in the Supreme Court. There are 37 states that allow same-sex marriage, ( Many are waiting for the court decision. Few actually have bans against gay marriage. Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky are among these.

What will this court case decide?

The decision of the judges on the Supreme Court will determine whether same-sex marriage is allowed everywhere in the United States or bans are allowed but not required, (Totenberg).

What laws do other countries have on the matter?

There are 18 contries so far that have laws allowing same-sex marriage. Some of these countries include, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, ect. On the other hand, there are five countries that have death penalties for homosexuals, (Silva).

What are the arguments?

There are many people who take both sides of the debate. Big factors involve children and religion, ("History and Debate of Gay Marriage"). The following shows five key ideas for both pro marriage equality and anti marriage equality, (
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What is Obergfell v. Hodges?

This is a court case discussing the issue of having different laws in different states. A gay couple lived in Ohio where same-sex marriage is not permitted. They went to another state to be married. On of the couple developed a life threatening disease and eventually died. The problem the court if now faced with is whether the couple has to be recognized by Ohio as married on the death certificate or if Ohio doesn't have to recognize this, (Ortiz).

Are there other issues being discussed?

Another problem is that gay couples cannot joint adopt and if one spouse was to die, the children could be taken into foster care or an orphanage, (Bosman). Also children of same-sex couples are bullied, teased and made fun of. Discrimination towards gay people is also occurring, (Chauncey).

So should same-sex marriage be allowed?

I believe same-sex marriage should be allowed everywhere in the United States. People should be able to marry who they want. Not everyone will agree with me and that's okay. But in the end, marriage is a civil right, more children could be adopted and it just the right thing to do in my opinion.