Digital footprint

It could affect you for the good or bad.

What is digital footprint?

A digital footprint is the things that you use in the internet and they could see what you put and what you do. Digital footprint will never go away it will always stay in the internet that could affect you getting a job or getting a job. It is important because it helps you getting a job faster or not get a job because you did a bad thing in the social media.

Digital Footprint that I use?

My Digital Footprint consist of three sources called Sports Fc talk, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How would it impact me?

The Digital Footprint of Sports Fc talk will affect me in a good way because it would make me find some great job of creation of websites.

Twitter impacts?

it impact me that it could make me see or look good not bad.

LinkedIn impact?

he impact would be a bad because i have not put nothing in it and it will not make me look professional.

What impact could it give to me in the future?

This is helpful because it will make my life more easier to find a job because i could show everything that I did that was not bad. It will also be harmful if i don't keep doing it or I put something dumb in the social media that could ruin my life.

What could i do to make my Digital Footprint better?

I could still keep doing my website. I could help the other people like the homeless or people in the hospital that will make me be better with my skills and help someone.

Important of this semester that i learned?

It was when I learn that it could affect you in a good way or in a bad way that is when I started to do all my page my social media because if you do not have nothing that will not help you it would make you worst.