Stop Drug Use

By: Reilly Ernst

How Drugs affect people all over the world

Drugs affect people all over the world daily. About 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs monthly. A great deal of families all over the world are affected by this because someone in the family has changed because drugs has came into their life. Young kids today are exposed earlier than ever to drugs. About 45% of high school students nationwide drank alcohol and 19% of them smoked pot during a one-month period. That's a total of 64%, more than half of high school students doing some types of drugs.

Why it's important to stop drugs

All these thing could happen if you start drugs or keep doing drugs this is why if you know someone or are that someone doing drugs stop before you can't.

  • Getting into the wrong crowd
  • Not caring about your appearance
  • Grades dropping/not caring about job thus getting fired
  • Missing classes, skipping school, or skipping work
  • Losing interest in your extra activities
  • Getting in trouble in school or with the law
  • Eating or sleeping habits of schedule
  • Having more problems with family members and friends

Pros to help stop drugs

There are many ways to help stop drug. You can make sure no drugs are around that person, help make petitions to stop the making of drugs, go to rehab, and make that someone feel loved and like they have a purpose in the world. Pros to help stop this is you can help families all over the world, instead of wasting the money on drugs donate it to people in need, and it will save many lives.

A organization to stop drugs

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