Egg Car Project

By:kolby Casey

My Question

Can I make a car that can go fast a still not break a plastic egg?

Controls: Width:6.5cm, Length:16.5cm, and Mass:40 grams

My Hypothisis

I think that my car can support the plastic egg and still go fast.

Background Knowledge

Speed:The distance x the time.

Force:Force=mass x acceleration.

Inertia:It occurs when a object is moving and suddenly stops but the object keeps moving.

Acceleration:The increase in speed.

Friction:A force that occurs when two objects rub together.

Momentum:You go at the same speed you were going.

Potential Energy:Stored energy

Kinetic Energy:Energy of motion


First, I made the car out of corks,car wheels,tape, and cardboard.Then, I brought it to school so I could test it during Science.After that, we weighed it and measured the length and width.At the end we raced it 5 times and recorded our data.
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My car could support the egg and go far.