By : Quyen Tran

General Safety :

1) Do projects that have been trained on w/ the materials .

2) Ask permission & help to get out materials

3) Ask permission to drink or eat .

4) DO NOT horseplay

5) Don't put art materials in your mouth

6) Always put the materials back where you found it .

7) Clean - up your own mess

8) Always wash your hands when done .

Materials / Tools :

1) Paint

- When wanting to paint something , the most needed material is paint !

2) Paintbrush

- When using a paintbrush , use it GENTLY , because not only is it sensitive but you can even ruin the tip .

3) Paper / newspaper

- The paper or newspaper is used to ensure that you don't paint your surface and to keep everything less of a mess !

4) Water

- The water is there in case you may want a color change , the paint is too dense so you can use water to loosen it up , or you can use it to clean off your brush also . Water is used in many ways of painting !

5) Pallet

- A pallet is a paint pallet . It is used to keep the paint in .

Disposal & Storage :

1) When you'r done painting ; yet still have leftover paint , save it ! You can use it another time instead of wasting .

2) Wash your pallet and get rid of the paint still stuck there .

3) Clean your paintbrush . DON'T leave the paint there because the paint will dry and you may not be able to use the brush again .

4) Get rid of the dirty water .

Safety Tips :

-DO NOT eat nor stick the paintbrush (or any other art materials) in your mouth !

-Paint your surface , but DON'T paint anyone else .

-NEVER drink the paint water

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