The ART of Moving through Change

Women’s Healing & Transformation Retreat

Lotus & The Butterfly :: Women's NC Beach Retreat :: August 26-28 2016

Join us for a compassionate & creative look at change! 8/26-->8/28 2016 (Friday 7PM - Sunday 12PM)

How do you deal with change?

Times of transition are oh, so difficult and beautiful all at once. How do you deal with change? Do you stuff it? Move quickly hoping it'll go away? Leap to the next thing? Process it slowly? If you've not taken time to slow down, reflect, be still, be quiet and appreciate what's come of the change you've gone or are going through- this is your invitation to embrace change and learn the art of letting go while you de-stress, refresh and create what's next!

Who's this retreat for?

Busy professionals who are at a crossroads and need clarity, and a break from life, from work and from that stuff you don't want to face alone. If you're eager to release those heavy parts of life that tend to weigh you down and get in the way of designing what's next, then you'll feel right at home with us during this thoughtful retreat. Explore the process of change artfully through community, collaboration, mindfulness and creative release.

Imagine a weekend where you don't have to cook or manage anyone else's problems. Now imagine a compassionate and creative experience where you may safely and confidentially express, be at peace, learn to let go, share and come fully alive.

Which one of these are you facing?
  • High stress job/life/situation or simply overwhelmed
  • Responsible for leading change in others or manager of many
  • Desire to learn about change for personal & professional development
  • Forging new paths in life/work
  • At a crossroads, in transition or facing the next chapter
  • Dealing with hidden grief or compassion fatigue
  • Facing health issues, are a survivor, care-taker or lost loved one
  • Entering new phase of life through retirement, empty-nest, divorce or marriage and creating new identity or direction

If you are looking for ... peace of mind, creativity, community, and healing while learning coping tools and strategies to deal with or lead change in yourself or others- then join us!

August 26-28 2016 (Friday 7PM - Sunday 12PM)

Lotus & the Butterfly: Women’s Healing & Transformation Retreat at Trinity Retreat Center, Pine Knoll Shores, NC (2hrs 45min from Raleigh)

  • $645*
  • 2 nights + 4 meals + retreat
  • beach-front house with private bedrooms & pool access
  • space is limited to 8 + fills quickly, so don't delay in registering!
The lotus and the butterfly are metaphors for change which is inevitable and evident in all facets of life. We loose relationships, jobs, health, a parent... while other times we gain hope, courage, or a new possibility. Take time for YOU! Reflect among compassionate women in a beautiful natural environment of the sound and shore near Emerald Isle, NC. We’ll explore and let-go through story, music, meditation, movement, and collective art-making. If you’ve experienced big transition around your personal or professional life, (plan to) or need to lead and manage others through change , you’ll receive helpful tools, comfort, community and at this refreshing and life-affirming retreat.

* You may extend your stay for an additional rate after the retreat.

What shall I expect?

Expect to...
  • release what's stuck, stressing you out or holding you back
  • reflect in the presence of other women like you
  • experience collaborative art-making and shared expression
  • experience group coaching to acquire tools, gain perspective and receive support in a safe and confidential space
  • engage in nature-based activities that foster healing and release
  • practice stillness, quiet and self-compassion
  • learn change strategies, coping tools and overall practices of well-being
  • learn empathy-based communication skills
  • learn the fundamentals of behavior change
  • walk away revitalized and knowing what's next for you
  • bring back joy, peace and sense-of-self into your life and work :)

Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

For more than 24 years I've been challenging and inspiring people to live and work at their best through visionary practices that transform the status quo and tease out extraordinary human potential. I hold a Master's in coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health, studied conflict transformation and peace-building in Switzerland's European Graduate School, and am coach certified with the International Coaching Federation.

If this announcement is coming to you at a good or synchronistic time for you or for another you know, let's talk.
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