JA Cub Report

Weekly Report #27: Friday, March 5, 2021

February Students of the Month

6th GRADE:

Adriana Passe

Elizabeth Lingen

Hodan Matan

Jazmin Daing

Lily Flippin

Madilyn Kalvelage

Mohammed Al Qaysi

Noah Mitchell

Peter Thanh Nguyen

Rachel Lemaster

Sam Rechs

Tiffany Truong

Timmy Mai

Vennela Doppalapudi

7th GRADE:

Alexander Heidt

Aurora Reil

Ava Dusheck

Da'Tavion D Slack

Dakare Didumu

Giselle Rios-Victoria

Hadjamama Bamba

Hayden Smith

Jamarion Dawoudi

Jaxon Rose

Jazmin Miller

Kahoo Yang

Lucas Ladewig

Mitansh Bansal

Rylee Higgins

Wesley Thompson

8th GRADE:

Alliance Ingabire

Angelina Kong

Caleb Schuh-Dodge

Deng Lueth

Gora Gora

Hal Forney

Hamza Ahmed

Isabella Douangmichit

Jamarius Evans

Kashia Yang

Keyan O'Connor

Lan-Ahn Nguyen

Maida Ibrahim

Oduru Awow

Taylor Skaer

Xoraya Pipkin


Face Coverings


1. Policy – All K-12 Students, Staff, and Other Persons on school property must wear a face covering.

  • Inside school buildings and district offices
  • On school grounds where social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Onboard school transportation

2. Exemptions

  • Any person under age 2
  • Any person having trouble breathing
  • If the person is unconscious
  • Any person incapacitated or unable to remove covering without assistance
  • Intolerance to face covering due to developmental, medical, or behavioral health conditions

3. Refusal – the district may require students refusing to wear a face covering to move to the distance learning model

Social Distancing

Requirements as of 2/17/21 – Students must maintain 6ft of physical distance from one another whenever feasible.

When 6ft cannot be met: minimum of 3ft must be maintained.

1. Classroom

  • Desks must be 6’ apart, if possible, minimum 3’ apart
  • Minimal movement about the classroom
  • Minimal leaving the classroom during class time
  • Plexiglass barriers

2. Hallway

  • Restrooms – will be closed during passing time and before school
  • Restroom visits - documented during class time
  • Passing Time – maintain 6’ of social distance when possible, minimum of 3'
  • Lockers – Lockers will not be used at this time

3. Outside

  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Masks are to be worn on school grounds

Hygiene Practices – Building Routines into the Daily School Schedule

Hand Washing

1. Reinforce handwashing with soap and water

2. Key Times – Arrival, Dismissal, before and after eating, after restroom use, after touching face (eg. Using a facial tissue, coughing, or sneezing), after touching objects handled by others

Hand Sanitizer – at least 60% alcohol

1. In every classroom

2. Throughout building

Classroom Materials

1. Try to dedicate supplies or equipment to individual students

2. Avoid sharing electronic devices, books, toys, games, or learning aids

3. Ensure cleaning of any shared materials between uses



1. Requirement - daily documentation of lunchroom seating for Contact Tracing

2. Recommendations

  • 6ft distance whenever possible
  • If can’t do 6ft, then as much space as possible between students
  • Picnic tables will be available on nice days
  • Auditorium will be utilized to help with social distancing


A. Monitoring – Staff and Students should be using COVID Screening Tool at home

B. Reporting

1. Students

  • If students become symptomatic in class/at school
  • Do NOT send student to health office
  • Call Health Office to report symptoms
  • Wait for designated escort to come to classroom
  • If a student reports a positive COVID result in class (family or self)
  • Ask student if they are experiencing any symptoms
  • Report information to JA COVID Coordinators (Goetz & Goetz)



Backpack (do not pack too much and keep on back of chair in classes)
  • Notebooks to share between subject areas
  • Folders to share between subject areas
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Highlighters (8th Grade)
Tennis Shoes for PE

In-Person and Distance Learning Model: APRIL 5

Beginning April 5, RPS secondary schools will be returning to our In-person Learning Model. Here are details about what you can expect:

  • You have received notice about Distance Learning or In-person Learning Model for your child. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you may have. I can be reached at brgoetz@rochesterschools.org or at my direct extension: 328-5676.
  • Teachers will deliver instruction to students in-person using expected mitigation strategies.
  • Distance Learning students will follow along live, provided short bursts of instruction, and/or offered activities to complete on their own.
  • We will follow an 8-period day. This means all students, whether in-person or DL, will attend each class (periods 1-8) daily.
  • The school day will be 7:40 am – 2 pm.


  • March 10 – Student Support Day
  • March 17 – Teacher Planning Day
  • March 23 – Possible 6th Grade Orientation Day
  • March 24-25 – Teacher Planning Days
  • March 26 – End of Quarter Day
  • March 29 – April 2 – Spring Break
  • April 5 - First Day of In-Person School and 8 Period Day
  • April 14 - Picture Day (more specifics to come)

You will continue to receive the JA Cub Report weekly Friday afternoons!

UBUNTU: I am because WE are!

Honors Option for 2021-22 School Year

It’s time for this year’s 6th and 7th grade students to sign up to take honors classes next year. We offer all students the opportunity to take Honors English, Honors Science, or Honors Social Studies. Note: students in the highly gifted program do not need to sign up for honors classes.

Please complete this form to request honors classes. Please be aware that while students will likely be placed in one honors class, it may not be possible to place them in two or three honors classes because of schedule constraints.

The standards addressed in Middle School Honors Classes will be the same as grade level classes; however, the class will move at a faster pace, go into greater depth and require a greater degree of independence on the part of the student. These courses are not intended to assign MORE work, but work matched to students’ instructional level. The MS Honors Classes are not high school classes taught at the middle school; therefore, a student will NOT earn a high school credit or a high school grade.

Click on the link to sign up for Honors classes today!


Denise Seabarkrob

Gifted Specialist

John Adams Middle School

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Are you interested in joining the John Adams Student Council? Let Mrs. McRae know via email at hemcrae@isd535.org and she will send you more information. She would love to have you join the student council team!

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Remote E-Learning Technical Support

The Remote E-Learning Tech Support for Families/Students will solve issues like:

  • Support for standard software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, G Suite
  • Support for some hardware like printers, Internet and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Families/students will be able to receive support Monday - Friday from 7 AM - 7 PM, now through December 2020 by calling 1-800-789-0051.


To request a library book, fill out the form found in ClassLink under the Library/Media tab. Once completed hit Submit.

Book deliveries will occur every Tuesday and Friday from 11-2 pm. These will be delivered by John Adams staff members. We will simply be doing deliveries like Federal Express. We will leave on your step and ring the doorbell.

To aide you with the selection of a book, I recommend using the John Adams online catalog found within ClassLink under the Library/Media tab. When you find a title you want to request, make sure under the Status column that it says it’s available.

Questions? Send me an email: paguenzler@rochester.k12.mn.us

Thanks! Mrs. Guenzler

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Mr. Brant Goetz


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