Like a Machine

Reilly Neville 15-16


i found this machine near prairie trail elementary school


it was holding up a flag by having someone pull it up and then secure it with a latch or wedge

A pulley pulls up or down multiplying your force as the item is raised a distance making work. The more pulleys there is more rope as the pulleys multiply the force.

Inclined Plane

I made this machine inside my house

(homemade ramp)

It was playing as a ramp for my brothers toy cars and it will let them build up kinetic energy as it goes down.

A inclined plane makes work easier when you pull up it because the force needed is distributed between you and the inclined plane and since you pulled it up the distance and used force your get work.


i found this machine inside my house

(light switch)

it has turned on one of the lights bye connecting the energy from a source to the lights.

A lever reduces work by using a pivot point. The farther away from the pivot point the easier it is to lift the object.


i found this machine inside my house


it holds wood and other things together by wedging itself into the wood and staying put.

A screw reduces the force needed like pushing something up a spiral ramp instead of trying to lift it straight up.