Flight tech

by us

What is the main idea for your module?

The main idea is mostly about main parts of flying. Because you have to understand the parts of flying like lift, drag, acceleration, weight, thrust. You also have to create your own wing to test.

How is this module applied in “real life”?

It is important because if your thinking about becoming a pilot for a plane then you need to know about the techniques and learning skills to operate the plane successfully.

List the parts of your module?

  1. The Flight Yoke
  2. Wing Tester
  3. The Log Books
  4. Flight Stimulater Software
  5. Wing Caddies

Rate this module on a scale from 1 to 3 relating to your life


Because we might want to do different career choices instead of becoming a pilot. We could add on to want we know now and use it in other careers.

What would you change to improve the module?

Improve the wing caddies because we had trouble with the gluing process. And maybe new log books because they are starting to fall apart and are really old.