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Mrs. Myerson's Classroom News - Week of November 16th

A Note from Mrs. Myerson

We are moving into a new marking period, and will be studying Science concepts for the next couple of months. Students will be investigating Pumpkins, Energy, Heat, Light, Sound, the Sun, What Makes Day and Night, Weather, Clouds and the Seasons!

Parent Teacher Conferences are being scheduled now. They are being held next week, the 23rd and 24th. Check your child's homework folders for your time slot. Be aware that conferences can not exceed 10 minutes. I look forward to discussing your child's progress with you!

NEW Dojo System: I am changing the management of our Dojo behavior plan. Students will still receive points, however, the points will be reset each MONTH. Students will receive certain prizes and awards for reaching a designated amount of points. (For example, when a student reaches 20 points, he/she will get a new pencil and eraser.) You can still view students progress on I'm looking forward to seeing how this works for motivating our students!

Borrowing Books: I am allowing students to borrow a book from our classroom library to take home and read each night. Every day they will get to swap the book for another one. We are trying to give students every chance to read all they can. Please encourage your child to read the book he/she has brought home to themselves or to family members!

This Week

Theme: Life Science
Essential Question: How do Animals Communicate?

Spelling Words: in, will, did, sit, six, big
Sight Words: animal, how, make, of, some, why

Phonics: Short i, r blends (dr-, fr-, gr-), -ip word families

Grammar: Commas in a Series

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a Glossary

Reading: Main Idea and Details, Inferring and Predicting, Comparing Texts, Answering comprehension questions and providing evidence, Fluency

Writing: Writing Personal Narratives

Math: Counting and Adding/Subtracting on a Number Line, Telling Time to the Half Hour, Problem Solving

Science: Pumpkin Investigation

Weekly Assessments

Comprehension Q (How Animals Communicate)
Spelling Test
Phonics (Short Vowels)
Unit 3 Math Q (telling time to the hour, counting pennies and nickels)

Important Reminders

Box Tops: Each month the PTO will be sending home a Box Tops collection paper. Please tape or glue the box tops to the page and send in to school. The class who collects the most Box Tops each month gets an ice cream treat, and at the end of the year gets a Pizza Party!

Class Dojo
- Don't forget to sign up for Class Dojo! Sign up codes were sent home. Let me know if you need another access code.

Upcoming Dates and Events!

Turkey Feathers Fundraiser

Monday, Nov. 9th, 9am to Friday, Nov. 13th, 4pm

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

1 turkey feather=.50 cents
12 turkey feathers = $5

Help Raise Money for Less Fortunate Families...let's make their holidays special by providing them with food and clothing items!

American Education Week - Open House

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 9:30am-2:30pm

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

Parent/Guardian Open House

PTO Author Night

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 6:30pm

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

Pretzel Sale!

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 11:30am

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

$1.00 for plain, $1.50 for cinnamon

Mennies Spirit Day!

Friday, Nov. 20th, 9am

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

Wear any Mennies Shirt with appropriate uniform bottoms!

Meet Mrs. Myerson!

I am a wife, and a "mommy" to my lab-pit, Chance. I love to read, dance, sing, be creative, organize, decorate, and spend time with my family and friends! I am an 8th year teacher in Vineland, and truly passionate about my job! Making learning fun for my students and sparking their curiosity is what I'm all about.