Let it Burn!

How to build fire with just some sticks, leaves, and a spark

Why is fire so important anyways?

Fire is the life to your survival. It can boil water, cook food, and signal for help. It also helps keep your temperature regulated, especially at night. It could be the difference between life and death.

The Essential Item!

The most essential item to any fire is a match, lighter, or flint. These tools are a necessity to anybody that is not a trained survivalist. It helps to speed up the fire making process and makes it easier to restart if the fire goes out.

Building your campfire, the Teepee way!

A teepee fire is the most basic survival fire. It's reliable, efficient, and can last a long time.
Tools you need:
  • Small dead and dry leaves and grass. These cannot be moist or damp or else the fire will not light.
  • Small dry twigs and branches
  • A match or lighter
How to Build it:
  1. First, wad your dead leaves and grass into a ball about 4 inches in diameter. This is called your "tinder".
  2. Put your small sticks, or "kindling" into a teepee formation around your tinder. Make sure to leave a space between the kindling so you can light the fire.
  3. Light the tinder with a match or lighter so the tinder ignites.
  4. Blow gently on the fire to spread the flame and keep it going.
  5. If the fire goes out, add more kindling and tinder and then reignite the fire.
  6. When the fire is steady, add bigger sticks to keep the fire going.
  7. NEVER blow to much on your fire. You can end up breathing in the toxic fumes and fall into the fire from passing out.


Making a fire to big can result in more harm than good. If a fire grows too big it can ignite a forest fire, and if your on an island with a lot of woods, there is nothing you can do. The fire will endanger you, and any wildlife on the island. Any shelter you have built for yourself will burn down as well, and then there will be no resources left for you to rebuild it.

Now you know how to build your own fire and keep it going for as long as you want!