Flipped Classrooms

What does the research say?

Flipped classrooms are a concept started by Jonathan Bergmann. The idea is that students will watch a short lecture at home and then do what is traditionally thought of as homework in class. Through some research of my own, I've come to the conclusion that flipped classrooms are an excellent form of education. In a classroom set up this way, students get more individualized attention, opportunities for collaboration, and overall understanding. This method of teaching is also great for parents. Parents can watch the lecture with their child to see exactly what they are being taught, and parents don't have to help students with specific homework problems - which often leads to more confusion.

There is very little scientific research on flipped classrooms, however there are many advocates of this method. It doesn't take much to find many resources on the topic!

This topic is also something that I will continually work on. I don't think there is a true, definitive end to this project, so I'd love all the opinions and resources anyone has to offer!


I encourage anyone, educator, parent, or student, who is interested to look up information for themselves. There is simply to many testimonials and professional opinions to put it all in one place. Some of my favorite resources are:

1. Flipped Learning: Time to reconsider how to implement the common core by J. Bergmann


This article is great because it shows that flipped classrooms are adaptable to different curriculum.

2. Cybraryman Internet Catalogue


This is one of my favorite sites because the creator pulls together a lot of different types of information. He has testimonials and blogs from teachers who are currently flipping their classrooms, and, my favorite, he has a huge list of professionals to follow on twitter.

3. Speaking of Twitter, I'd love to share with you who I follow and what hashtags I search:

@chriswaterworth, @mattjohnson10, @guster4lovers, @thomasson_engl, and @cybraryman1

#flippedclassroom, #flippedlearning, and #flipclass (this one is a twitter chat for Monday nights, but still great for research at any time).