Adventures of Cody

Crested Butte Colorado


I chose Crested Butte, Colorado not only because of all the amazing views but there are so many different ways you can view the view them. I personally prefer being active thats why this was such an amazing place for me. Colorado is a cultural state because it has so many landmarks and beautiful things to see.

Day 1

Ride the lift to the top of the mountain, walk from Hotel. Very beautiful view at the top. 12$

Day 2

Hike to the Top of Mount Gothic. Beautiful view and interesting science experiments going on.

Day 3

Rent a bike and ride up Mt. Crested Butte, great exercise and sight seeing. 80$

Day 4

Horseback riding through Gothic and Mt Crested butte.

Day 5

White Water Rafting, great fun and you get to see beautiful valleys. 299$

Day 6

Fly fishing a blue lake, which you have to hike to but it is an amazing fishing spot and you see all the wildlife.

Day 7

Stop by the town hall to see the worlds largest elk ever killed. 5$

Total Cost

1,045 of activities and 1,065 for hotel 480 for travel.

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