McIntire Family Newsletter

Mission: High Levels of Learning for ALL!

April 26, 2020
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Dear McIntire Families,

We see you... and WOW are we proud!

You are strong. You are resilient. You are innovative.

We see you trying to keep up at work or you have lost work. We see you trying to keep your child(ren) focused on their learning at home. We see you teaching your child(ren) the meaning of social distancing and how to wash their hands while singing the ABCs, Happy Birthday, or even When Doves Cry. We see you making them dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. We see you trying to make it to the grocery store early before the crowds or before it closes early so that hopefully you can find the one roll of toilet paper, the one can of Lysol, the one item you need that is so hard to find right now. We see you managing your stress and anxiety about the bills to pay, the dishes to wash, the laundry to fold, and the dog to feed.

We love you. We support you. We are here for you.


Amy, Kacie, and the McIntire Staff

~ This Week at McIntire ~

~ On Tuesday, there will be 2 Grab and Go type meals as well as a hot meal.

~ On Thursday, 3 Grab and Go type meals plus a hot meal will be distributed.

~ Children do NOT have to be present in your car.

~ Please remain in your car.

~ Pop your trunk or roll down your back window.

~ Food will be placed in your car without direct contact.

~ Need help getting lunch? Please let Mrs. Crane know

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~ #FultonProud ~

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