PMES Library Book Check Out

UPDATED Plan for 2020-2021 Until Further Notice

Our New Normal

Library book check out at the Puckett's Mill Media Center will look different this year for both in-person and digital learners. Since we rely so heavily on shared materials in the Media Center, including all the books, many changes have been made in order to keep our Sparrow Hawks safe.

ALL students are encouraged to place holds in the Media Catalog that can either be picked up at the front desk (digital learners) or delivered to the classroom (in-person learners).

Automated Parent Emails

Digital learner parents will receive an email when their child's holds are ready for pick up at the front desk. You can pick it up according to the schedule below. Please bring books to return with you.

Monday- 1st Grade

Tuesday- 3rd & 4th Grade

Wednesday- Kindergarten

Thursday- 2nd Grade

Friday- 5th Grade & Self-Contained

If you need to pick up library books for siblings, you can do so on the day that is later in the week, but you may need to confirm with your child's teacher if you are trying to pick up classroom materials on a day other than the one that grade level is assigned.

Week A and Week B Schedule

In-person learners will follow an every other week check out schedule. Your child's teacher will communicate when their class is checking out books. Don't forget to place holds by Sunday night the week before check out.
  • Week A (Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade)
  • Week B (3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade)

Book Returns

Please help your child remember to return library books!
  • In-person learners should return books the day before check out on a designated cart in their classroom
  • Digital learners should bring books to return to the front desk.

Students will not be able to check out if they are over their check out limit (5 for all digital learners and in-person upper grades, 2 for in-person students in Grades K-2).


Please note that your child will have to login in order to place holds.

Tips for Media Catalog and Book Check Out Success