As soon as I opened the book I was intrigued. Today I am going to tell you about how to read amazing books specifically this book ,Nanberry. It is an incredible book it's actually a historical fiction book which means it's a real life experience and also made up. I believe this book is an awesome novel to read because it pulls you in at the end of every chapter, even though it's fun it's actually educational and it also has some real life characters.
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first reason

To start off I believe that this is a thrilling and intriguing story because at the end of each chapter is a " bang!"which is sort of an exciting scene that sort of draws people in and it has a lot of suspense.It also has a lot of descriptive language which adds to that.

second reason

my second reason why you MUST read this book is because, although it is fun to read, it is also very educational and tells you about the history of Australia by the British.

third reason

Continuing from that the people in the story are mainly people who actually existed, NOT made up even though some of them are. Nanberry, the main character was not made up and also some other important people in the story like Governor Phillip,the Governor in the colony


To finish this discussion I believe this is an incredible novel that pulls you in right from the beginning