FAB Team update!

Team Vining

Woah! What happened? Where did 2013 go?? I hope you and your families had the MERRIEST of Christmases and the HAPPIEST of New Years!
Whooooooooo's excited about SOAR??

Northeast Region:

1/18- Baltimore, MD

1/25- Rochester, NY

Central Region:

1/18- Columbus, OH

1/25- Chicago, IL

West Region:

1/18- San Diego, CA

1/25- San Francisco, CA

South Region:

1/18- Dallas, TX

1/25- Orlando, FL

And what about CABO??? Thanks to you all, my FABulous team, Paul and I are headed to Cabo on February 7-10.


First Level Promotions for November and December

Tara Willoughby and Wilma Bill both promoted to Executive Team Leader!
New Directors:
Rachel Lewis
Barbara Harrell
Kristen Tuttle
Jennifer Reardon