Oil Spills

by Ian and Alex

problems with the spills and negative effects on the environment

An oil spill is a layer of oil floating on water or covering the shore of a ocean or sea.The reason oil spills are so bad is because they get everywere.they get in the beaches,marshes,rocks,sand,and dirt that are close to our coast.They also get on the birds and fish that are close to the surface. When the oil get on the birds it gets in their feathers and makes it so they cannot fly. When it gets on the fish it gets in their gills and scales and eventully kills them.


areas of the oil spills

oil spills can occur anywhere that there is a oil plant or ship passing by.oil spills can effect the land by basically poisoning it.oil spills can poison any were and anything.the nearest locations in north america that are effected really badly are in the gulf of mexico located in Texas,Mexico,Louisiana, and Florida.if a oil spill happened in or by league city it could kill allot of our fish witch would make our fishing market go bankrupt.if it happened far away it could be traveled by ocean currents into the bay it would come to our coast but it would not be very strong and probably would just go away after a while.people that live in areas where spills happen are greatly affected by oil spills.for example they would not be able to eat fish or go to the beach in that area.this would happen because the oil would get on everything in the area.


occurrences and solutions of oil spills

The main reasons of the oil spills are boats carrying oil and oil drills having a malfunction like a pipe braking or it exploding same with the boats.Another reason for oil spills are big industries that are close to the water and brake.People can prevent oil spills by finding where they most come from and making that place away from any body of water then plugging up the hole.People can also stop taking oil tankers and loading them up so much so they don't tip over and cause oil spills.

My group thinks that they could stop taking so much oil on the tankers and take some on airline and also be allot more careful with the tankers and check for holes and stuff in the boats