California Times

By: Anais O.

An interview with the real JENNA FOX!!!!!

CT: What was your reaction when you found out that you were made out of ninety percent of biogel?

JENNA: I felt angry at my parents for not telling me that I was made out of biogel. I had wondered why my mom freaked when I got a tiny cut.I went into my room to process the fact that my hands and legs weren't actually my real hands.

CT: How did you feel when you woke up from your eighteen month coma?

JENNA: I cried when I woke up apparently says Lily.She was talking to mom and said I sounded like an animal. For the first two weeks my body couldn't do somethings but then the next day it was like they never happened.

CT: How did you get the courage to tell Ethan you were made out of biogel?

JENNA: I knew I could trust him and he wouldnt go running of and tell somebody. I felt that we had a connection. That connection was that we were both trying to hide from the outside world. I also felt that if I didnt tell somebody my head would explode.

CT: What was going through your mind when you found out that Kara and Locke were dead?

JENNA: I was surprised and horrified that my parents didnt tell me anything about what happened and that I wouldnt remember that I killed two my best friends. I was in denial and I knew it couldn't be true because they were really close to me.

CT:Why did you decide to destroy the backups?

JENNA:I destroyed them because it felt wrong to have people trapped inside a computer and stay there forever.If I were too die I woulnt want to start a new life I would want to be normal and die because even though I would live, my past life would be gone and I would have no memory of it. I felt like if I didnt save them they would know that I could have saved them from being in a box forever and I didn't want to take that chance.

CT:What thoughts went through your mind when you found out your parents were keeping duplicates of you, Locke, and Kara?

JENNA:I was furious that they would hide that from me and that they think it dreamworld for the computers because they aren't conscious but trust me it isn't it's more like your living in a nightmare and your trying to get out of the black box and that you don't get to chose what your life is like.

CT:How did you feel when you went to go see Allys at her house?

JENNA: I felt sad that Allys was dying. I wasnt surprised when she said that her parents reported her to the FSEB. Before I even walked into the room I knew that she was dying because I could smell it and her parents looked like they hadn't had any sleep for 4 days. I felt bad that my parents went over the limit to save me but Allys would rather die than be saved.

CT: Why do you think that your parents decided too make you out of biogel?

JENNA: I think it was because before the accident they thought I was perfect and that I was there only child. Another reason I think they made me out of biogel is because they loved me and they would risk their lives just to save mine. I learned when I had Kayla that a bond between a parent and a child is very strong.

CT: How did the point process work?

JENNA: Well you had a maximum of 100 points and each one of your body parts is worth a certain amount of points like for instince limbs are worth 4 points each, a heart is worth 35 points,etc. Brains are illegal unless its a small part. It doesnt matter how rich or poor everybody has a fair chance at getting prostetics. Decades ago I was illegal five times over the limit, now it doesnt matter and people are starting to except that.

CT:Tell me about your friend Allys.

JENNA:Allys is my best friend she, after so many years is calm, relaxed and she doesn't care about the FSEB anymore. Just like me she is made out of biogel that is over 49 percent. Me and Allys live together and we laugh about certain things that we were never able to laugh about before. When we were twelve along time ago Allys was dying and her parents came too our house and asked us to help save their daughtrer and that is why Allys lives with me and Kayla in our house.

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FSEB Changes its Position!!!!

The FSEB has finally increased the percentage of biogel in you body. In the past you were only allowed to be forty nine percent biogel. The fear was that people would be more like lab pets than human. Now,the limit is ninety percent of your body can be made out of biogel. The FSEB calls it the Jenna Standard. The laws say that you cannot get help from the FSEB if you are over eighty years of age because then the people who really need it have to wait longer. They found out that the original biogel learned how to survive so it was harder for you to die. They have altered the biogel to only let you live up to a certain age. If you have gone over the limit of ninety percent, you will no longer be able to receive help from the FSEB. It is still illegal to replicate the entire brain, if you did you would not be considered human anymore. You are only allowed to replicate thirty percent of your brain. The FSEB will only provide the biogel.How well you do depends on things like the climate you live in, if you are in a dangerous environment, or tour job. If you break the law your children will not benefit from the FSEB help. You will also have to pay a fine of $100,000 for breaking the law.


Kara was a good friend too Jenna Fox.She was a rule follower and liked the color red. She was in a car accident and suffered from a severe head trauma, three weeks later she died after her parents took her off life support. She will always be remembered by her friends, her family and her loved ones.