Tropical Wet-Dry

By: Joy Ondrak


Most of the tropical wet-dry climate lies between the latitudes of about 5-10 degrees and 15-20 degrees. The tropical wet-dry sub-climate is in the tropical rainy climate and is in the tropical temperature zone.

Yearly Precipitation

It usually only rains in the summer months (about May to August) and it receives about 25 inches of rain during the wet season and less than 4 inches in the dry season. However, some areas of the tropical wet-dry climate are in the path of monsoon winds and receive more rain.

Seasons and Temperature

The tropical wet-dry region has wet and dry seasons. The climate change is generally caused by ocean currents and the changing of wind, but the temperature doesn't drop to low because of it's location near the equator.

Wet Season

During the wet seasons temperatures stay around 77 degrees and at least 25 inches of rain will fall.

Dry Season

And during the dry season the average temperature is about 68 degrees and it only receives about 4 inches of rain.
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Factors Affecting Climate

Latitude affects this climate because this region is right around the equator and therefore gets more sunlight than other regions. The difference in temperature is enough to change wind patterns and keep the area dry until the rainy season comes again.