Lyon News, 9.20.16

Don't Just Look At The Stars---Be One!

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Ms. Sigman had a special guest reader!

Aren't they the cutest!

Kid President Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership 1

As Kid President Would say...We've Taken the Thorny Path!

As I am sure you have heard, MAP data is out.

Let's Celebrate:

  • We increased our overall ELA Top 2 % by over 4%, currently with 61.48% of 3rd-5th graders proficient or advanced.
  • Science overall Top 2 % increased by over 4% as well! 56.34% of Lyon 5th graders were proficient or advanced on science standards.

Jeanette and I would agree Lyon filled some learning gaps last year and we celebrate the fact you all took the road less traveled, the thorny path, the hard route alongside us. But our question to you is: Are we satisfied? Have we climbed as far as we can climb?

We will discuss MAP data more at this Friday's SI day. Stay Tuned.

Goal setting

I am loving these goals! Check out how Kindergartner's are learning about goals.

  • Keep in mind you could create a graphic/graph to show in your newsletters as well. MIght be easier than writing a narrative,,.just a thought I am going to implement in my building communication.
  • Below are pictures of Mrs. Butler's kiddos setting goals.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday: Fire Drill, 1:45, FACULTY MEETING, 3:45
  • Wednesday: Make-up Faculty Meeting, 7:15 am
  • Thursday, Celebrate Baby Butler, Casey out of building for Cognitive Coaching
  • Friday: SI Day, we will begin at Lyon at 8:00 am
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Woo Hoo!

Check out the Tiger STRIPES data! We have descreased our error rate drastically! Thank you to RIta and Ruth for streamlining procedures and to all of you for helping us get our students home safely!

Faculty Meeting Agendas

Your committees are driving our Faculty Meeting times this week. Jeanette and I will make contact with the committees and send a simple editable agenda for you to complete prior to 3:30 on Tuesday. Next month we will attempt to be a bit more proactive and get these to you sooner! Sorry about that!


Pledge: Risenhoover, Mrs. Mitchell will come to classroom for Google Hangout

Mailroom: 3rd

Teacher Workroom - 2nd

Lit K-2 : 1st

Lit 3-5: 4th

NO Watch DOGS this week


Check out our celebration board in the mailroom. Add both your personal celebrations and classroom ones! Excited for all to see the great things happening at Lyon.