How do you become one?

Good Citezenship

5 rights that you should practice.

1. Amendment 1, Freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly and petition.

2. Amendment 6, Right to a trial, a speedy trial, a lawyer, to talk to witnesses, and the right to know what you're being accused of.

3. Amendment 8, the right to have no cruel or unusual punishment.

4. Amendment 4, Right to have no unreasonable searches seizures.

5. Amendment 2, right to Bear arms, the right to own a gun.

What makes a good citezen?

In order to be a good citizen, you have certain responsibilities and duties you have to fulfill. the more important responsibilities and duties you should follow are: respect the rights ideas and opinions of other citizens, pay income and other taxes honestly and on time, and defend your country if called upon.

political spectrum

The Right side

there are four important politic parties in the U.S. these include demarcates, republicans, liberals, and the green parties. in the middle you have independent. this means that your few depends on the situation. on the right side you have democrats . they like to have more freedom in government and less government in economy. one the far right you have the green party who focus on animal rights and keeping pollution to a minimum

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The left side

one the left side you have the republicans who believe in less government in social stuff and more in the economy. Then on the far left you have the libertarians who believe that the government should be in control of everything


There are some qualifications you have to meet in order to vote

1. have to be 18 years or older

2. have to be a U.S. citizen

3. Have to be registered

4. have to have a picture i.d.

How and where do I regester

to start, the way you register is that you have to a positive picture I.D. your social security, name, address, city and state. You can register online or at your voting spot.

Now when you go to vote you have different places for each town. Derry has 4.

1, 3, 4 vote at either West running brook Middle school or Gilbert H. Hood middle school

it is important to vote because is it your responsibility to be involved with your government and to now the issues your government is going through