Your Ideal Place to live

Beautiful Zogartia

Zogartia is an underwater paradise 15 miles of the east coast of Madagascar. The almighty and our first powerful leader, King Nank has managed to build a beautiful farming community under the ocean. The dome that separates the Zogurts from the ocean surrounding them is made out of a pure element exclusive to the Zogurts called diamondillium. You will get the purest of water from the Zogartian Desalination plant Zogartia's scenery is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The scenery is jaw dropping and once your jaw is dropped it will stay dropped.We offer the ideal life for a person like you. If you work In this beautiful utopia you basically live for free for the rest of your life.

Life in Zogartia

To live in Zogartia there is a variety of things you have to do. You have to go through initiation (in which nobody out of Zogartia knows of) and agree to abide by all of Zogartia's rules, also you have to learn the art of martial arts and all your newborn children will live in Zogartia in their future.