Bud,Not Buddy

By Franky loera


Bud was a ten year old kid. He was a loneley kid that mother had died  and his farther was some where around. Bud was sent to a orfange and was keep on chaging because they did not like bud and they send him to a mean family the amoses

The Amoses

The orfanage send Bud to the amoses because the amoses wanted to earn some money buy tacking care of bud. They did not really care about him intill thir son was bulling him by stinking a pencil all the way up his nose and he was puching bud. Bud did not treally care if he was older then him so then bud swung at him and knock him to the flowr. Then the amoses took bud to the basement and tried to macke him feard by grabing a shot gun. So the bud toch a hive and lots of bugs where biting him .He was also dribing blood from his hand because of the fish on the door.So then bud grab the shotgun and hid it next to the barn on the side.

Supporthing charecthers

Mr. lewis

lelftey lewis

When bud got in the car and saw a suit fuild with  blood in the back seat.get a little suprichuse. He thought that mr lewis was was a vimpire. SO then when a qotion  came up bud had to lie.mr lewis said where do you come from bud had to lie because he did not whant to go back to orfanage. So then he said that that he came from gran rabids. Then mr lewis was  happy because he was gran rabids to. Then mr lewis toohk bud to his house. When he got  thir mr lewis had food and had a wife and a granpa inside the house a two little kids. So then they where tolking and mr lewis said were is your is your mom and dad.Bud said his mother died his dad is some around. Then mr lewis said do you know his name. Bud said that his name was hermen e callow way . then mr lwis  said he knows him. So then mr lewis took him and Bud was a little frightent that he was going to see his dad .

Hermen e calloway

When bud walk inside the door the band all stared at him at him and said who are you bud said bud not buddy. then hermen said where is your farther bud said you. hermen got a little shoke. So they took him to eat . So thir a girl called mrs thomas she was a waiter.she said what would yo like bud orderd and when he was done eating . mrs thomas said loke  howugly and beatup you are. She told heremen said he dose not notice that. so then they where talking and they told bud who is your dad bud said hermen. Then mrs thomas said  who is your mom bud a name and mr calloway whent upstais to his bedroom and staryed to cry like a little baby. Bud  heard them say that his mom was hemen dughter. So then bud relised that mr calloway was his granpa. So then they gave him a the room of his momma. He saw the pichure of his momma when she was little girl. So then the band let bud join and gave him a oresent and it ternd out to be a saxaphone