Josh Maples~A1~1/22/16

Astrodome Description

In the 1960s, a wealthy judge and entrepreneur invisioned bring a national baseball team to Houston,Texas. • February 1961 voters to approved a public bond issue to finance the construction of the stadium • The Houston Astrodome was completed in 1964. • Conceived as the home of the Houston Colts and the Houston Oilers. • It was termed by many as the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Houston weather with its heat, humidity, and mosquitoes made either playing or watching ballgames an unpleasant experience. It was important that framing and the covering of the dome roof structure, not have a negative impact on air conditioning and air flow


Sunday, April 11th 1965 at 12am

8400 Kirby Drive

Houston, TX

Astrodome Type & Size

Its' capacity is 67, 925. The height of the Astrodome is approximately 218 ft. in the air. The type of Architectural Style that it is is modern architecture.