Cardinal Heights LMC

Spring/ Summer 2016

Did You Know?

All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer (White, 1906; Heyns, 1978; Entwisle & Alexander 1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al, 2004).

Keep Reading During the Summer!

A few ideas...

The Battle of Darcy Lane by T. Altebrando

How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me from Robots, Traitors, and Missy the Cruel by J. Brown

Undertow by Michael Buckley

Ink and Bone by R. Caine

Moving Target by C. Gonzalez

Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler by P. Hoose

Pennyroyal Academy by M.A. Larson

When by V. Laurie

Sweet by E. Laybourne

Ink and Ashes by V. Maetani

A Night Divided by J. Nielsen

We Are All Made of Molecules by S. Nielsen

I Am Princess X by C. Priest

The Boy in the Black Suit by J. Reynolds

Con Academy by J. Schreiber

I Become Shadow by J. Shine

Rebel Mechanics: All is Fair in Love and Revolution by S. Swendson

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by T. Toten

The Truth About Twinkie Pie by K. Yeh

Boy 21 by Matthew Quick

Hit Count by Chris Lynch

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Challenger Deep by Neil Shusterman (National Book Award Winner)