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Lego city hosts the coolest skyscrapers around!

Our large brown hostpital positioned in the southern side of town contains the best medical atention you can get. This rectangular prism has 12 edges,six faces, and eight vertices, and includes a small, square parking lot. Now, if you look directly across Lego Lane, you will come across the Christianson CO. original headquarters. It, like the hospital, is a rectangular prism with the same number of faces, edges, and vertices. Also, in the same part of town is the biggest skyscraper, the office building. Just like its other companions it is a rectangular prism that sits acros the way from the cities 2 faced, no edged, and no vertex cilinder shaped water tower with a sphere on the top that has no verteces, nor faces, or edges. Second to last we have our remote log cabin inbetween set street and christionson street. The roof of the cabin is a triangular prism with 7 edges, 5 faces, and 8 vertices. Lastly we have the Lego City monument. This object is a grey cone with one face, no verteces, and no edges.


In Lego City there are 4 streets, Lego Lane, Christianson Street, Set street, and Brick Lane. Set Street is intersecting with Brick Lane, Christianson Street i parallel to Brick Lane, Lego Lane and christianson Street in perpindicular with Lego Lane, and Set Street is intersecting with Christianson Street. If you are using angles Set Street is obtuse with Lego Lane, Set Steet and Christianson Lane form an acute angle, and Brick Lane, and Lego Lane form a right angle.


Rotations, Translations,and Reflection-

In our lucious park, next to the square pyramid statue is another statue of two war soldiers facing eachother which is a reflection, and there are two limousines rotated so that would be a rotation.

2-D Shapes

In Lego City, there are four 2-dimintional objects lying around. First, we have a pentagon shaped baseball diamond in the park. Second of all, the marina we have a reqtangular platform, third we have a ditch in the ground shaped like a rhombus, and lastly we have a water in the shape of a square.

Finishing Touches

Below you will find a picture of the christianson co building AKA the brains of the nation, our scenic railroad tour, and a remote log cabin

Our Great Hotspots

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The brains of the Nation:)