By: Brooke Maimon

What does perseverance mean to me?

Perseverance is achieving a goal that you work towards. You need to have courage to achieve your goal. It can take a short amount of time or a lot of time. Not giving up is the hardest part. You just need to remember how happy you will be once you achieve it. You will need to remember how happy you will be once you achieve it. You will need to be brave and confident in yourself. I have learned that there will always be adversities in your life that you will need to overcome. You can't be an idle and do nothing. You need to work towards your goal.

Eric Legrand- description

Eric Legrand was your average teenager. He had friends, he went to high school, and he played for his high school's football team. Eric Legrand had a big dream which was to go to the NFL. In the middle of one of his football games, Eric got paralyzed. He was rushed to the hospital and went into immediate surgery. Everyone he loved was in the waiting room. A few years later, he has made remarkable improvement. For example, he is able to move his fingers. Legrand has been public about his journey of recovering. For instance, he has been on numerous radio shows and has done interviews. Legrand is still a big football fan. Whenever people ask him how he watches it because that is the reason he got into this situation, he says he watches it because he loves it. When Legrand couldn’t get tickets to watch the Superbowl (which was in his home state) people immediately started making ticket request. He hopes to walk again someday and with his perseverance, he can achieve that goal.
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Carry on- Compare and contrast

Dartanyon and Leroy were stars of a ESPN article called carry on which told their inspiring life stories. Leroy Sutton’s and Dartanyon Crockett have had adversities, both similar and different throughout their lives. They both were persistence through their life. They both didn’t have a normal childhood. When Dartanyon Crockett was a little boy, his mother passed away from aneurysm and his father was an alcoholic. Because of this, Dartanyon was basically homeless. He had to move around a lot because they didn’t have a lot of money to pay for the house. Compared to Dartanyon, Leroy lived with his grandparents because his mother was a drug addict and his father went to jail. Leroy and Dartanyon both have disabilities but they were different. Leroy got hit by a train and lost both of his legs. He rides on Dartanyons back because the school doesn’t have an elevator. Although, Dartanyon was legally blind. Dartanyon was born with Leber’s disease. He can just barely make out facial features when people are just five feet away. Despite their disabilities, they both played on their high school wrestling team. Dartanyon was the strongest on the team, while Leroy was just average. Both of them being on the same team helped them to bond even more. After high school, both Dartanyon and Leroy graduated. Although, they graduated with different dreams. Leroy went to college to study video game designs and Dartanyon found an interest in the sport judo. In the future, Leroy has become a father and graduated college in 2013. Dartanyon went to the Paralympics in 2012 and won a bronze medal. Both of them have many similarities and many differences but all of those bring them closer together.

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Unstoppable- sequence

Stephen Carnell was a horrible student in school. First of all he couldn’t read. When all of the kids were moving on to other grades he kept being held back. The teachers hated him so much that they flunked him. Eventually, they kicked him out. Later in life, he found out that he had dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability. People with dyslexia were often labeled with hurtful words for example stupid and slow. Stephen graduated high school but at the bottom of his class. He got a football scholarship to go to the University of Oregon but he lost it later because he didn’t have good grades. Before he got kicked out, he met Ralph Salisbury who was a writing professor. He taught Stephen how to write creatively. This is when Stephen decided he wanted to become an author. After that, he sold a script to the television show Adam 12. In the end, he has created or co-created more shows than anyone in T.V. history!

Perseverance -conclusion

We can learn that it is possible. Seeing other people achieve your same goal helps us know that if other people do it, I can do it. If you also achieve your goal, you will be inspiring for another person who doesn't believe he or she can do it. In the end, if you persevere, you will triumph.