Tasya's Disability Research Project

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What is a definition of a disability?

  1. disability: is a disadvantage or handicapped, especially one imposed or recognized by the law.

My disability is specific learning disability......

  • oral language skills
  • reading difficulty
  • math weakness-problem solving
  • basic psychological processes
  • listening comprehension

My disability is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

My Strengths

  • being organized
  • trying things on my own first
  • getting my homework in on time
  • working very hard

What are two things about me that makes me proud?

I joined two clubs at school which are Junior Optimist Club and Lakers4Life Club.I am doing a project for my Junior Optimist Club which is awesome because I am helping orphans at my sisters orphanage and helping the children with their needs like providing care for them and providing supplies for them at Casa De Esperenza.
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