Brushy Creek Transmission Towers

A Project By Ishanvi Mishra.

Background Info

The LCRA ( Lower Colorado River Authority ) has determined that our region needs more energy from Leander and Cedar Park. They have many possobilities on where they can put the transmission towers. One possobility could be destroying 2.5 miles of the Brushy Creek Trail. The Brushy Creek Trail is a 15 mile connecting trail which you can go to bike, jog or run. When they put a transmission trail 100 ft of its surface as to be vacant. Each transmission tower is 140ft in height and is going to have a 100ft gap between each tower.


One mile has 5280 feet.

2.5 miles is 13200 feet.

A ratio that compares the distance between each tower and measurement of destroyed trail would be 100:13200.


n = number of towers.

n x 100 = loss of vegetation.

The measurement of destroyed trail using clipboards.

While doing our ratio, we found out that the measurement of destroyed trail was 13200 feet. Each clipboard was 1 foot long. To find out how many clipboards would fit in 13200 feet we would have to do 13200/1 which would come as 13200. When there is going to be 13200 feet of trail there is going to be 13200 clipboards.

Distance of all connecting trails using #2 pencils,

The distance of all connecting trails is 15 miles.

15 miles is also 79200 feet and 950400

Each #2 pencil is 7.5 inches long.

To find out how much #2 pencils in 15 miles, we would have to do 950400/7.5 which results to 126720 pencils.

Loss of Vegetation

The length of the destroyed trail would be 13,200 feet

The width of the destroyed trail would be 100 feet

To find out the area of the destroyed trail you have to multiply 13,200 feet and 100 feet.

The area of the destroyed trail would be 1,320,000 feet squared.

Height of Tower.

An average man is 6 feet tall.

One transmission tower is 140 feet tall.

To find out how many people stacked onto of each other, we have to divide 140 with 6.

About 23 average men can be stacked to cause the height of one transmission tower.


My route extends from Leander and Round Rock providing energy for everyone. The transmission towers will go through both of the future substation sitting areas. I choose this route because it mostly goes through only highways an only shops are near the highways. My proposed route will take about 15 miles in length.

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