Martin's Memos

Volume 1, Issue 24: March 9, 2018

This Week


Please read through the newsletter and let me know if you have any questions!


-Ms. Kate Martin

Pictures of the Week

Big picture


  • Writing & Reading: We started a themed reading unit for advanced learners titled "Exploration" next week. (The College of William and Mary) The students began this unit by analyzing what exploration is, categorizing their ideas and making generalizations.

  • Math: Purple: Continuing geometry unit! Blue: Started a fraction unit for advanced learners. (Project M3) Orange: We began our next unit on algebraic expressions, equations and word problems.

  • Social Studies: The students have been learning about economics basics such as circular flow, supply/demand, scarcity, specialization and global competition.

  • Enrichment: Students finished their 4th Enrichment projects. Students have a new project to choose from...take a look at it here. Students received this packet today and have the choice to create a science project or an engineering design project. Most of the work will be done in class, however there will be some parts that can be done at home. Please sign off on the packet to show that you approve of and understand the project your child will complete for Monday.

Looking Forward to Next Week

  • Math: Purple: Continuing geometry unit. Blue: Continuing a fraction unit for advanced learners. (Project M3) Orange: Continuing our unit on algebraic expressions, equations and word problems.
  • Reading/Writing: We will continue a themed reading unit for advanced learners titled "Exploration" next week. (The College of William and Mary)
  • Social Studies: We will continue our unit on economics. We will culminate our unit with a "Business Town Day" in class on 3/13. On this day the students will each take a role in our mock town - as a business owner and as a consumer. They will get to experience some of the main concepts we covered: circular flow, scarcity, supply and demand...and more!
  • Enrichment: Students will begin their science or engineering project!

March is Reading Month!

"Reading Takes You Out of This World!"

During this month, students can earn prizes for reading a certain amount each week. Students should keep track of the minutes read each day, Friday through Thursday and get a signed paper baseball from a parent verifying the minutes. (This was sent home Thursday.) If students turn in their baseballs each week, they will receive that week's prize. If they turn in their baseballs EACH of the 4 weeks, they will earn a FREE ticket to a Minor League Baseball game at Jimmy John's Field in Utica!

Students should bring their baseball in on THURSDAYS!

Spirit Days

March 16th: "Lucky" to Be a Reader!... Wear green and any St. Patrick's day accessories to show how lucky we are to be readers at Woodland!

March 23rd: "Out of This World Words"....wear (on a sticker) a challenging word. Impress your classmates and teachers with your knowledge of the word!

March 29th: All Star Reader Day...Wear your favorite sports jersey.

Mystery Reader Days

During March our classroom will be filling spots for a Mystery Reader!

This spot can be filled by a parent, grandparent, family friend....anyone with a connection to our classroom! The Mystery Reader can bring in a favorite short book/story that can be read in 15 minutes, or a novel that you can do a "book talk" on and have a class discussion with the students.

Shhh! It's a mystery! Don't tell your child when you're coming in! The mystery reader also has the option to send me 3 clues I can give the students the morning of your scheduled date!

Please use this Sign Up Genius link to sign up! ONE SPOT LEFT!

Self-Reflective Learning: Asynchronous Development

Rather than exploring the typical character traits, I'm starting a new series of themes each week focusing on having in-depth discussions about common concerns or affective traits gifted students have.

This week we discussed asynchronous development. What we realized was:

-Sometimes our bodies and minds grow in academic areas faster that in other areas such as emotional development or motor skills.

-We all develop at our own pace!

-We all have areas to grow!

3 Compliment or Positive Comment/Day Challenge!

Going along with our recent themes, we decided that we could work on building each other up, not breaking each other down. The students each have a goal of saying something nice to 3 different people each day. Check in with your child and see how they are doing on the challenge!

GT Open House for School of Choice & Tours

The GT Open House for school of choice applicants will be held at Woodland on April 12th from 6-7:30.

There are also opportunities for interested school of choice families to tour Woodland and observe the classrooms. The remaining dates and times are:

Tuesday, March 13 9:00-9:45

Thursday, March 15 1:30-2:15

Interested families should contact Hillary Olance at Feel free to share this information to interested contacts you may have!

Book Drive!

Late Work

A late work policy will begin January 8th for my classroom. Students will receive -%5 off for each day any homework or project is turned in more than a day late. This means students will get a 1 day grace period. For example: If a project was due on Tuesday but was turned in on Thursday, it would be -5% off of the grade they earned. Keep in mind, absences a different situation. Students receive one day extra time for each day they are absent.

Lansing Field Trip

The Lansing Field Trip is scheduled for Friday, April 13. All 3/4 GT students will attend this field trip with the rest of the Woodland 4th graders.

We will be visiting the Impressions 5 Science Center in the morning and our Capitol Tours are in the afternoon. We will be leaving Lansing by 4pm.

More information and logistics to come.

General Information

  • Homework
-Independent Reading: Minimum 20 minutes

-Literature Circles: Reading and "job"


-Daily math homework M-Th

  • Please check your child's agenda nightly by initialing under "Parent Signature". I will also initial it in the morning to confirm they have written the correct information down.
  • Friday Folders: They were sent home today! Please take out all the sheets and return the folder MONDAY.
  • Bagel Sales! Pre-Order on Wednesdays of each week. All varieties cost $1, cash only. Bagels are delivered on Fridays.
  • Order online at and use our class code R3CHK if you need books!

Content Relevant Videos

Upcoming Important Dates

3/12 Spring Picture Day

3/13 PTO Meeting @7pm

3/22 Parent Teacher Conferences by Appointment Only

3/24 Spring Fair 5-8pm

3/30 Good Friday - No School

4/2-4/6 Spring Break - No School

4/11 1/2 Day

4/12 School of Choice GT Open House 6-7:30pm at Woodland

4/13 Lansing Field Trip (All 4th Grade/GT Students)

5/11 1/2 Day

5/28 Memorial Day - No School

6/14 1/2 Day

6/15 1/2 Day - Last Day of School