Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411 week of 3/19

What's Happening This Week:

Zitzman Book Fair All Week

Monday: C Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE! Land of Smiles Assembly @ 9:00AM [Gym/K & 1st]. PTO Sponsored Channel 5 News Anchor Assembly @ 9:30AM [Cafeteria/Grades 2nd-5th]. Book Fair

Tuesday: D Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Book Fair Parent & Student Breakfast 8:00-8:30AM [Cafeteria & Library]! PLC's! ZE Book Reflection in Computer Lab @ 4:00PM (That One Kid Book Study). Girls on the Run Practice.

Wednesday: A Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE! Assistant/Para Recognition Day! Book Fair Parent & Student Breakfast 8:00-8:30AM. Elementary Principal Mtg. @ 10:00AM. Action Teams in Room 26. MVR3 Board Meetings @ 6:00PM.

Thursday: B Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Monsanto School Assembly 1:00-2:00 (K-2) & 2:00-3:00 (3rd-5th). Girls on the Run Practice. ZE STEM NIGHT @ 6:00PM

Friday: C Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE!


Seek 3rd Alternatives

When we are effective, we strive to create 3rd Alternatives. More than just “my way” or “your way,” a 3rd Alternative is a higher, better way. It’s something that neither of us would have come up with on our own.

Big picture


Settle for conflict or compromise.

Think About...

When are you most likely to settle for compromise? Are there relationships or situations where you regularly experience synergy? What’s the difference?

Try This...

  • Observe an upcoming team meeting with the synergy process in mind. Identify where the synergy process is or is not occurring.
  • Think of a significant problem or opportunity that would benefit from more synergy.
  • Teach the synergy process to those involved. Use the synergy process to seek a 3rd Alternative.

From the 7 Habits Book

“What is synergy? Simply defined, it means that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy means that 1 + 1 may equal 8, 16, or even 1,600. When properly understood, synergy is the highest activity in all life"

PLC Focus:

Personal WIG Check-In

FIdelity DBDM

Data Based Decision Making

Did you complete the Leader in Me Survey?

Grades 3-5....In your PLC notes, add your grade levels MAP prep plan.

Grades Kdg.-2....in your PLC notes, add how your grade level will support grades 2-5 during testing.

Twitter Ah-Ha Moments:

STEM Night

  • Wear your LIM T-shirt, jeans, and comfortable shoes.
  • See the Google Doc for a list of activities.
  • We should see a lot of science in your classrooms this week to highlight this grand event.
  • Dinner.....Food Trucks will be outside of the gym and the cafe will be open for families and staff to enjoy their dinner in the cafe.

Students will love what you model with passion and heart. Thanks for supporting this event!



3 STEM Assemblies

Kdg- 1 Assemblies: Dental Health and Monsanto

Grades 2-5 Weather and Monsanto

First things first!! Review assembly expectations with students prior to going to the assemblies. Students may have time to ask questions at the assemblies. Grades 2-5 students should write their questions down on a note card or paper and have the question approved by a teacher prior to attending the assembly.

Student Behaviors

As we approach Spring. Remember that students will get restless, so give them plenty of brain breaks. We don't always do that in our intermediate classes. Make a point to add the brain breaks to your lesson plans.

Remember that sarcasm and yelling has NO place in our classrooms.

Follow the behavior protocol Dr. Sladek has shared with staff. It is the teacher's responsibility to follow the behavior continuum and contact parents prior to sending the student to the office. Of course, administrators are here to support extreme behaviors after the classroom teacher has done their job. Do NOT ignore disrespectful behaviors ....it's our job to coach the child socially as much as it is to teach the student academics.


Please help me welcome Sarah Wengler back to Zitzman. She will be working with a first grader in Ms. Thate's classroom.

A SACC Lead Teacher is in the process of being hired. Thank you to Marilyn and her staff for working through this staff shortage. We will announce the new hire's name later this week.

We are short a special education para that works with students in the regular education setting. Let Ketina know if you have anyone that may be interested in subbing for the remainder of the year for this position.