Jasella Holiday Card Design

Start thinking early about your holiday cards!

HOLIDAY CARDS!!! Unique and Classy!

Choose one picture or many pictures, your choice.
Choose the saying of your choice.
A large oversized size of 6 x 7.5 that still only takes one postage stamp!

For some design ideas, look at my website:
New styles are being added daily.
(I never add your card to my site until the following year,
So there is no “copying”)

Here is how the pricing breaks down:
$20.00 design fee paid to me via check or PayPal
$26.93 + tax paid to Costco FOR 100 CARDS
Grand total just under $47.00!!

**if you want additional cards, it's just $5.99 / 25

No need to meet, I send all proofs via email!
Have everything done from the comfort of your home.
I can submit to ANY Costco near you!

Drop me an email so I can work you into my production schedule. I already have
people in the cue for this week, get added soon so that you can get your cards done early!

To get Started:

1. Send me an email

2. Send me your photos

3. Give me your idea / color scheme

That’s it! I’ll do the rest.

***PLEASE NOTE, I WILL BE ON VACATION FROM 11/17/12 - 11/27/12***

Some of my most popular designs from last year!