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Based on these attributes, TuneTastic would give each piece for a variety of "rewards" the "price" more a track gets, the less it is considered a double. The program seems simple at first. As a paid product ($ 39.90), the first screen that appears when you launch the software is "try or buy" window, which is fine with me, but some people might find a bit annoying. Clone Remover is designed to remove duplicate files in general, but technically you can also use iTunes to delete duplicates.

The user interface is not so different from CopyTrans TuneTastic. There is however a big difference in how the Clone Remover identifies and addresses duplicate tracks. The results of SWMole Clone Remover is a bit worrying. He managed to identify all of my double track. But aside from not identify which track was twofold, and the original Clone Remover has also identified a few more tracks that duplicates that should not have been why you should do this identified as such.

For example, I have "Walking on a Dream" by "Empire of the Sun" in two separate albums - one of a collection Hits, and the other, the original album the song. Clone Remover identified two tracks that would have eliminated duplicates and one of them is not cool by any standards. To clone Remover tool to search for duplicates iTunes, you must specify the file to be analyzed by the tool in the iTunes Media folder.