Fury of War

Letter To a Soldier

Dear Frank

How are you? I Miss you while you where away. I've Been hearing Stories about War while your gone. How Pride means nothing while your feet rot im worried about you. We are all worried about you. Please Come home safe and in One piece !

Dear Mom

The Stories you hear are true the trenches are awful. Your feet are Soggy which leads to infection then it what you call Tench foot when fungi grows on your feet. The Rats are the sizes of cats chewing on rotting Flesh. people even drown in the trenches. Then when you see gas coming down into the trenches its a free for all to get your masks on. But worst of all its being away from you.


  • There was a Total of 91,198 Gas Deaths during WW1 Russia being the Number one in deaths
  • Mustard gas was the worst gas of them all killing humans with little amounts of it.
  • 37,508,686 Causalities in WW1

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