A fun and active new gym class game for intermediate aged students!


-Dodgeballs (about half of the

amount of students playing)

-equal number of dodgeballs for each team

Set up:

-Divide the class in to two even teams

-line up half of the dodgeballs about two meters

away from the center line on either side

-Choose half of the team to be the protectors,

and the other half to be the runners

Safety Concerns:

-Watch where you are going/running, and

make sure you don't run in to anyone

-With the dodgeballs, only hit people

from the shoulders down

Step 1:

First, the object of the game is to have the runners

run safely to the other side of the gym without being

hit with a dodgeball.

Step 2:

Secondly, each team line up against the wall on

either side of the gym. The teacher blows a

whistle to start the game.

Step 3:

Next, run to the other side of the gym. When running

across, the protectors must grab a dodgeball from the

side they started on.

Step 4:

Then, the protectors need to cross the center

line before they can throw the dodgeballs

at the opposing team's runners. While doing

this they also need to protect their runners from

being hit by the other team's protectors.(protectors can't be hit)

Step 5:

Next, if you get hit, you join the other team.

You win when one of the team's has all

of the runners on their team.

Step 6:

Lastly, remember that after each time the

protectors and runners run across the gym,

that is the end of a round and you need to

reset the dodgeballs back in their regular position.

Game Variations:

One type of variation for this game includes adding or taking away the amount of dodgeballs that you choose to make the game easier or harder. Another variation to make the game harder, is by making the protectors hitable.


Finally, enjoy being active and having lots of fun during RUNECTORS!

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