Container Home

Design Process

Sketches and Bubble Diagrams

The Picture to the right is a container home in Quebec. I found this house very interesting because of its geographical location and the way its made of something so plain looking and not desirable, yet looks so elegant.
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Final Container Pictures

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Home Location and Reflection

I want my container home to be located on an island because I enjoy the breezy feel and the way the house is setup just would seem perfect for that location.

I enjoyed learning the new features and having to be creative to make something that I wanted and it helped me to get an understanding of the type of house I would like to have when I get older. Learning the possibilities and options that I had when creating the house was really interesting tin that I could develop my own taste for design and create my own style. The most difficult thing to do while dong this project definitely had to me the precision that the project required in order for it to be accurate. I had the toughest time transferring the cad drawing to sketchup because I was constantly messing up the dimensions and forgetting lines. Another difficult thing is deciding the layout I wanted n the house and finding the suitable furniture that would amplify the house.

Isaiah Contreras

Principles of Architecture and Construction

5th period