January Art Room News

In The Art Room

What's Happening In The Art Room?

Happy New Year!

Thank you for supporting our December Square One Fundraiser. We raised just a little over $1,000.00! . Congratulations to our Students Of The Month: Leshawn, D. Jazlyn, R., Patrick, M., Mia, S., Angelina, J., Wali, M. and Kyaw, M.

This month Kindergarten will be investigating how artists make their work and will explore the use of forms in 3-D art work and explore and experiment with the use of color.

First grade will be exploring and experimenting with color mixing and discuss the different types of moods artist's present when using color in their art work.

Second grade will be investigating how artists make sculpture and will use a variety of materials and media to produce 3-D pieces.

Third grade will be learning how to draw 3D forms and how to use color to show value.

Fourth grade will be investigating Outsider Artist, Judith Scott and her artwork. Students will explore the use of different textiles and reanimate recycled objects to create a sculptural form.

Fifth grade will use measuring to create a triangular prism and transform it into a slice of cake.

Sixth grade students will learn the difference between dirigible airships and air machines. They will choose one and construct a 3D model using popsicle sticks, wooden sticks, paper.


Ms. Anderson

Materials needed for the Art Room

white tissue paper, masking tape, popsicle sticks, wooden dowels, newspaper.