Parent and Family Engagement

February 2023

Beaverbrook Elementary

Finding Help

On January 12, 2023, our community suffered a terrible blow in the form of a number of tornadoes which hit Griffin and Spalding County. The clean up and repair from the damage done during the tornadoes is under way. Many are asking about resources to help in the clean-up and the rebuilding process, below you can find information about programs that might be helpful to you.
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Planning for Success in 2023-2024

It is that time of year when our school starts to look at data from this school year (2022-2023) and plan for next school year (2023-2024). As part of this planning process you will be invited to share your feedback about our school's Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy, the School-Parent Compacts and the use of Title I Parent and Family Engagement funds. Make your voice count by attending a feedback meeting and by filling out the GSCS 2023 Spring Parent Survey. Look for more information about these opportunities coming soon.

How Do I Know What My Child Should be Learning at Each Grade Level?

Georgia Standards of Excellence outline what is to be mastered at each grade level and within each subject. You can find information about the Georgia Standards of Excellence at the Georgia Department of Education website. This link will take you to Easy to use icons will allow you to click on each subject area and review standards for each grade level. If you have questions about the Georgia Standards of Excellence, please talk with your child's teacher or call your child's school and make an appointment to speak with the school's parent liaison.

New Math Standard Q&A Parent Meetings

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Math in the Real World

Help your child to better understand the importance of math in everyday life. Here are some articles and activities you might want to try.

Math Matters in Everyday Life

Making Math a Family Thing

At Home Math for Early Learners

8 Places We Use Math in Everyday Life

Ideas from Georgia Public Broadcast

New Math vs Old Math

Free Math Resources

Math Concepts Through Children Literature

Below are grade level lists of children literature/books to help you work with your child on math concepts. These books provide you with a fun and easy way to explain math concepts to reinforce what your child is learning at school.
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Upcoming Events at beaverbrook

February 10th - School Valentines Dance 6:00-8:00pm

We will have several more parent engagement events coming up this semester! We will update you on the details for those events soon.