Why do people discriminate others?

Discrimination in this generation

In this current time people still discriminate. Whether its by social media or in public. The main way people get discriminated is by people being racist to a person's race. Some people don't notice that they can be hurting someone's feelings by trying to be funny to entertain people. They say the most race to get discriminated is “African Americans”. i see it on social media mainly. At school it happens too a lot whether they are trying to be funny or if they get mad at each other.

Discrimination around the world

In public it happens with people like police officers at restaurants and many other public places. it happens to many other races and it just causes a lot of trouble. It happens around the world everyday. Many people try to help stop discrimination but it just happens so much by millions of people and trust me it probably hurts them. They are humans to just like any other race you can't just exclude someone just because of their race. Its wrong and it needs to stop.

Information on discrimination

The definition of discrimination is singling out a certain person because they are different like by the way they act or their friends.

Lawful vs. Unlawful Discrimination Not all types of discrimination will violate federal and/or state laws that prohibit discrimination. In civil rights law they say its by their ethnicity, religion, Gender, Marital status, and by National origin to be considered against the law. Some types of unequal treatment are perfectly legal, and cannot form the basis for a civil rights case alleging discrimination.