Virtual Field Trip WW1

World War 1 Trench Warfare

The Value of Virtual Field Trips

Why take a virtual field trip? With budget cuts in schools today field trips are often the first items cut from the budget. Technology and the World Wide Web allow us to take our students on field trips to anywhere in the world. Virtual field trips (such as this one) are designed to take students out of the classroom into a previously unknown world. This virtual field trip takes students into the world of Trench Warfare. Students will be able to visit a 3D virtual trench. Along with the trip is a game allowing students to play as if they are in the struggles in the trenches. This virtual field trip will give students the chance to see and experience what life was like for the millions of soldiers in WW1. The field trip uses digital media that students are familiar with and will enjoy.

How the virtual field trip works

1. Students will have read "All Quiet on the Western Front".

2. The field trip will be introduced as a question to the class: "From the reading, describe what you believe what the actual trenches were like." Students will write what they believe in their journals and share with a partner.

3. The field trip will be brought up on the SMART board for the students to see. A packet with directions and "thinking" questions will be handed out prior to the field trip. The class will be walked through how to set up the 3D trip and how to play the game.

4. Students will use Lap tops to discover the trenches of Europe in WW1. Discussion with classmates is encouraged. Education is better when students discover new things together.

5. The teacher moves around the room and discusses with students what they are seeing. Tiered questions are also asked. Focus should be on the cause and effect relationships that the students are experiencing.

6. Closure will be a reflection writing for the students as homework/class work.

Teachers: Take the Virtual Field Trip

Get your students out of the classroom. Take the WW1 Virtual Field Trip. Students will love to explore the trenches of Europe and learn what trench warfare was like from the BBC in Schools Trench Warfare Game Simulation.


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