King Philip

The unsung hero of the Native Americans

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King Philip (1638-1676) was a prominent Native American leader, who was best known for his war, King Philip's War, on the colonists. (

King Philip, real name Metacom, came into power after his brother and previous sachem (Wamsutta or Alexander) died. ( Their father whose real name was Massasoit was sachem when the colonists first came over. ( He greeted them and set up trade with them, but his two sons thought this went too far. They both resented the English because they had taken away all the leverage the Native Americans had. The Native Americans were so heavily relying on the English, that it was understood the had power over the Native Americans. (

Possibly so upset by the shift of power (, the diseases brought by the colonists that were killing Native Americans (, or the execution of his warriors (, King Philip launched a war on the colonists in 1675. He led four different tribes, including: the Narragansett, Pocumtuck, Nipmuck, and his own, the Wampanoag. Ultimately, the Native Americans lost the war with thousands casualties on their side and 600 on the colonists'. ( (

King Philip was betrayed in the end and was beheaded. His head was put on a stake for 25 years. ( This really attests to how much of an impact King Philip had on the colonists. He made his point that he thought the colonists were detrimental to the Native Americans, and he wanted them out of their territory. He was loyal to not only his tribe, but the Native American people until his death.

This is all why King Philip will go down as a major character in Native American and colonial history.


Integrity: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility. (Merriam Webster)

We believe King Philip had integrity. He never gave in or gave up on his beliefs. He fought for his people and their rights and was loyal until the very end. This is integrity in the fullest sense. (


Citizenship: the qualities that a person is expected to have as a responsible member of a community. (Merriam Webster)

King Philip was a leader of not only his tribe, the Wampanoag, but he led many tribes into a war that proved the Native Americans were not to be overlooked. This shows he was loyal to a certain people and an important part of his community. (

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