SFA Science

Week of 11 January 2016

Off and Running in 2016!

Or maybe I should title this - "I should be off and running more in 2016!" Oh, those new year's resolutions we make. My Fit Bit tells me I'm doing quite well with my walking and activity level, and when I'm not, I get an encouraging message to "Go bake for 2.5 hours," or "Walk for 60 minutes" to meet my goal. I think the device is confused, because if I bake for 2.5 hours, I'm guaranteed to negate my goal by eating what I bake!

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get things moving again, whether its to get us up and off the couch (where I am presently placed watching football), or restarting something we initiated long ago. Hence, I am restarting my newsletter again and hope you will nudge me to keep up the communication if I slack off after a couple of weeks.

As we move into this semester, I will be spending more time in classrooms working with our students and this will decrease my time in PLCs. I do want to make sure items of importance to our team are communicated, especially when I might not see each grade level team on a regular basis. So, here we go....2016, we got this covered!

This Week...

Monday, 1/11 - PLC, CLT Meeting - Anything you would like communicated to the team?

Tuesday, 1/12 - PLC

Wednesday, 1/13 - Grade Level Team Meeting. Meet in grade level teaming rooms.

Faculty Meeting. Meet in Cafeteria at 4:15PM.

Thursday, 1/14 - PLC

Friday, 1/15 - Grade Level Team Meeting. Meet in grade level teaming rooms.

Have you met with your PDAS Appraiser for the Spring Semester Check-In?

Please consider volunteering some time to work the SFA Girl's Basketball Tournament Friday and Saturday at RHS, or just come out and watch our ladies play. Our boys teams will also be playing in a tournament at Davila Middle School Friday and Saturday. Students love to see us, and our presence helps build relationships that pay-off in the classroom, too. Playing schedules will be communicated by coaches this week.

Girl's Tournament Support Sign-Up Link

Goal Share-out Wednesday. Please pick a grade level member to share our data at the meeting.

Important Dates to Calendar


18 - MLK Holiday

25 - District Vertical Team Meeting at Davila MS, 4:30-6:30PM


2 - 7th Grade Writing Benchmark

2 - 8th Grade Math Benchmark

3 - 8th Grade Reading Benchmark

8 - Hammond Jury Duty


7 - 8th Grade Science Horizontal Meeting at Davila MS, 4:30-6:30

29 - 6th Grade Math Benchmark

29 - Algebra I Benchmark

30 - Grades 6 & 7 Reading Benchmark

31 - 7th Grade Math Benchmark


4 & 5 - Social Studies Benchmark (in class)

6 & 7 - Science Benchmark (in class)

Kurzweil Training Video

For tested subject teachers, please find below a link to How to Use Kurzweil to assist with any questions you might have on using the program for benchmarks. You will use you computer login and password to access in Bryan on Demand.

Kurzweil Video