Welcome To The Spinning Compass!!!!

My New Endeavor's

Who We Are

The Spinning Compass started out as a hobby for my husband and I, that is now a huge part of our lives. As corny as this may sound, we want to bring the world closer together one photo at a time. We thought of the name while joking around about how much we travel and that we confuse our "compass" - and so a business was born.

While we have a passion for photography, we also have a passion for many other things that we have now incorporated into the Spinning Compass. We are in the process of making many great ideas come to life. I will also be completely honest and blunt in my blogs where we will talk about everything from traveling to products that I try.

I hope that you will love what we are doing as much as we do.

What we offer:

Services that I would love to work with you on.

  • Sponsored & Product Review Posts
  • Writing (Some topics include but are not limited to: Parenting, Cooking, DIY Craft & Design, Dieting, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Personal & Professional Financing/Budgeting, Relationships, Travel, Expat, General Encouragement, Photography, and Animals - Just to name a few)
  • Photography – I love taking pictures - period. Any kind, any time, just look at my social media sites for yourself and you can see my talent and passion..
  • Thrive – I would love to discuss the benefits of Level-Thrive products or their opportunities/benefits of becoming a promoter, so please send me a message and lets talk about what we can do.
  • Products– We are in the process of producing a product line that will include everything for postcards to teeshirts, We will keep you updated on those items as they become available. You can also check out our website and if you see an image that you just love then please contact me and we can see about custom orders on any image.
  • And More! – I would love to discuss other opportunities with you, so please send me a message and lets talk about what we can do.