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Thursday, February 11, 2021

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  • A Message From Superintendent McClay
  • Status of Reopening Plans
  • Status of HUBS and Employee Health and Safety Newsletter
  • Home INstead INstruction Program
  • Employee Testing Resources

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  • Employee Vaccine Resources
  • COVID-19 Employee Resource Website and Human Resources Memos
  • Current Positive Case Numbers Reported to TVUSD Within Last 14 Days
  • How to Report a Positive Test or Direct Exposure

A Message from Superintendent McClay

Dear Colleagues:

Why do short weeks always feel so much longer? I believe it's because, as educators, we try to squeeze everything we would do in a five-day week into only four, and we all know our days are already over-flowing with tasks. Despite the short weeks and the anxiety you may be feeling about getting everything done that you need to, I implore you to take the next four days off and get some well-deserved rest and recharge.

This week, we continued to see our local adjusted case rate drop from 62.3 to 44.9, and we anticipate the rapid decrease to continue. This is very promising news for a return to on-campus learning. While I know there are myriad emotions about returning, I want to reassure you that we are prepared. We have layered safety plans and protocols, PPE, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization supplies, training, videos, documents, signage, communication plans, and so much more. We are grateful to both labor associations for working so hard to ensure that provisions are in place that prioritizes both student and staff health and safety.

Inevitably and understandably, many concerns still focus on the availability of vaccines. Please know, I continue to meet, confer, and even beg to provide a TVUSD Staff Clinic for our employees. We have numerous people and district partners rallying these efforts. Though nothing has been formalized yet, I empathize with all those trying to secure appointments and am still working to bring it to fruition. In the meantime, please continue to use the county and local provider resources as best you can.

With the current trending metrics, Riverside County will likely reach the required 25 adjusted cases per 100,000 within the next few weeks, and we want to ensure all required steps have been followed. On Tuesday, February 16, the Governing Board will be asked to approve the new COVID Safety Plan (CSP) as required by the State. While the legislature has not yet approved the Governor's plan, the State and County continue to advise that an approved CSP is required to permit a return to on-campus learning. I will also share an updated COVID-19 reopening report and timeline recommendations at the meeting.

As we all continue to find ways to support each other, our students, and our families, I wanted to share a video discussed at this week's leadership meeting. Perspective is always so easy to lose when we are in the midst of tackling projects and ensuring we meet every goal. I was inspired by our administrators' discussions and wanted to share how appreciative I am of all of you. Whether you consider yourself a 'chain maker' or a 'link,' you make a valuable difference and are deeply appreciated.

As always, keep up the awesome work. Take time for yourselves and your families, and please stay healthy.


Jodi McClay, Ed.D.

Chains and Links


Current Reopening Status

  • TVUSD is not legally able to open. We remain in the deep purple tier.
  • The current Riverside County adjusted case rate is 44.9. We are averaging a steady decline of 15 to 20 cases per week.
  • Reopening is contingent on 1. The Governor's new plan and metrics which have not been approved by the legislature yet; 2. Advancing into the red tier.
  • The Governor's new plan for reopening (if approved) requires that Riverside County has an adjusted case rate of 25 per 100,000 for five days.
  • To be eligible for reopening under the Governor's new plan, TVUSD is submitting the required COVID-19 Safety Plan. Negotiations continue with TVEA and CSEA.
  • When TVUSD receives approval of the new COVID-19 Safety Plan and Riverside County meets the required 25/100,000, we would reopen initially at the elementary levels, grades TK-5. We are still evaluating options for the secondary grades and will likely offer students/families a choice to return.
  • Campuses, processes, and protocols are in place when we are granted the authority to re-open.

Status of General Ed Support Hubs and Special Ed Learning Centers

  • EL HUBS reopened on Monday, January 25, 2021.
  • General and special education HUBS reopened on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.
  • The HUBS are now serving over 800 students! Thank you to all HUB staff for your critical role in providing support services to our HUB students!
  • As always, scheduled HUBS depend on site identified needs, staffing and will operate based upon local case rates and indicators.
  • Updated health and safety protocol guidelines have been developed and distributed to all HUB staff. The protocols will are sent in reminder emails/texts to all HUB employees and participating families every morning.

Home INStead INstruction Program for the 2021/22 School Year

We are continuing to move forward with the program development. This week, TVUSD interviewed candidates to serve as the principal of the program. An announcement will be shared as soon as the process is concluded. In the meantime, plans are moving along to develop virtual learning opportunities for TK-12 grade students, beginning in the 2021/22 school year. The goal is to offer families a variety of alternative learning opportunities that best meet students' needs in the 21st Century, Post-Pandemic Education. We are developing various virtual learning opportunities within the Home INstead INstruction initiative for TK-8 students as a new option. At the 9-12 level, we are looking to enhance our current virtual independent student options.

We look forward to continuing to share more information with you in the coming weeks!

TVUSD Employee Testing Resources

Next week, a Risk Management team member will be at several sites during set times handing out voluntary self-administered COVID tests. You will take the test right when you pick it up, and the Risk Management employee will collect the completed test.

As a reminder, please be sure to self-screen for symptoms using the self-assessment form. Per our processes and protocols, if you are experiencing those symptoms, you should not report to any of our District facilities, including not reporting for testing.

All testings will be done outside the front office at the sites.

Here are the dates and times for next week's voluntary self-administered COVID testings.

Step 1:
CLICK on the blue link below to sign up on the corresponding sheet.

2/16/21 Vintage Hills Elementary School from 7:30-8:15am

2/16/21 Temecula Middle School from 8:30-9:15am
2/16/21 Paloma Elementary School from 1:30-2:15pm
2/16/21 Temecula Valley High School from 2:30-3:15pm

2/17/21 Barnett Elementary School from 7:30-8:15am
2/17/21 Day Middle School from 8:30-9:15am
2/17/21 Temecula Elementary School from 1:30-2:15pm
2/17/21 Chaparral High School from 2:30-3:15pm

2/19/21 Tony Tobin Elementary School from 7:30-8:15am
2/19/21 Gardner Middle School from 8:30-9:15am
2/19/21 Jackson Elementary School from 1:30-2:15pm
2/19/21 Great Oak High School from 2:30-3:15pm

Step 2: Instructions and forms are provided via the link below titled PMH Testing Forms on how to complete the self-administered COVID test. We will have these instructions available on the day of the testing as well. Please complete the attached patient consent form before testing and provide a copy of your insurance card's front and back if this is your first time testing with PMH Laboratories. If you are uninsured, the attached paperwork is provided with instructions. If you are unable to make copies, we can assist you at the site.


COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The county clinics are currently open to any Riverside County resident or employee in PHASE 1A – ALL TIERS, PHASE 1B - TIER 1 OR AGE 65 YEARS AND OLDER.

We know that accessing the vaccine continues to prove difficult as supplies are limited. They are currently focusing on individuals 75 and over. There are still clinics for education employees being scheduled throughout the county, but they seem limited.

Please know that as an organization, we continue to beg to be a provider location! We have the knowledge, ability, and staff available to vaccinate all TVUSD employees who want it. Unfortunately, there are licensing requirements, and we cannot be a direct provider of the vaccine. We are continuing to offer our school sites as locations for clinics and work with local hospitals for opportunities to include our staff as a priority.

Here are some tips to assist you as reported by staff successful in receiving the vaccine.

  • The county is not providing advance notice of posting updated clinics. It crashes their site when they provide notice, so it's best to check the site frequently.
  • We recommend you check the local providers' link. This will direct you to Albertson, Vons, Costco, etc. The sign-up process seems to be a bit easier on these sites. - Check the links often and at varying times as they will post updates without any notice!
  • Call 211. They may have some updated information as it becomes available.

What Employees Need to Show for Verification

  • An employee badge or employment verification letter from TVUSD.
  • To obtain a TVUSD verification letter, please go to Etrieve, and you can print your form. Or, you can contact your school site or department office for assistance.
  • If you have trouble printing your own form, all school site administrative offices have received their employees' pdf files. For departments: All ESS Departments and District Office, Sue O'Connell; All Business Support Services Departments, Dianne Erland; Human Resources, Nancy Mireles and Kathy Sims; Transportation and M&O, Pamela Ankeny.

Second Dose - What You Need to Know
  • For individuals who received their first dose at one of the county public health vaccine clinics, automatic emails will be sent with a second dose appointment link when it is time to make an appointment for your second dose. You may also make an appointment for a second dose at any location where you can secure a time, including at a doctor, pharmacy, or urgent care clinic. The appointment does not have to be made precisely on the 21-day or 28-day mark. It can occur after, just not before.

  • Second dose appointment protocols are different depending on where you get your first dose. Please ask at the time you receive your first dose what the second dose protocol is!

  • Please note that you must receive the Pfizer second dose if you received the Pfizer vaccine for your first dose. The same is true for the first Moderna vaccine. Check your vaccination card to see which vaccine you received. At the time of making your second appointment, inquire which vaccine is currently available.
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COVID-19 Employee Resource Website and Human Resources Folder

REMINDER - Workplace Occupancy Letter from Human Resources Dated 2/5/21

All memos distributed to employees from Human Resources can be found on the dedicated website or directly via the following Google Folder.

As a reminder, a dedicated website has been created to keep TVUSD staff informed about COVID-19 related resources, processes, and protocols. Please bookmark the following page for future reference and check it weekly. All items in this newsletter can be found on the website.

Current Positive Case Numbers Reported in TVUSD

Current Positive Case Numbers Reported in TVUSD Within Last 14 Days. The chart is published publicly, every Friday, on our COVID-19 website.

How to Report A Positive Test or Direct Exposure

  • There is a process to report positive tests or direct exposures.
  • A contact is defined as a person who is within 6 feet from a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes cumulative within 24 hours, regardless of face coverings.
  • There are strict timelines associated with reporting and ensuring we respond, so your use of the systems in place will ensure we respond to your needs and meet our requirements.
  • DO NOT report to your work location if ill, positive, or you have had direct exposure.
  • Call your immediate supervisor.
  • Report your absence through the Frontline Absence Management System (if currently required to do so).
  • Use the color/photo buttons below to report to Risk Management. TVUSD is contracting with a company called Maxim to assist employees with initial responses and support. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL RISK MANAGEMENT DIRECTLY for reporting purposes.

Click on the appropriate button below and follow the process to connect with a confidential representative who will assist you and expedite the process on your behalf.

Any employees who have enrolled students and need to report a positive test result for yourself and exposure or positive test for your children can submit via the employee system above. You will be asked during the process of close contacts. There is also a separate reporting process for non-employee families of students located here.

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