EAT Semester Exam!

By: Emily Madeley

Tafe / Ed Rising and TRAFLES: Teacher Creative Material!

Teaching: Interning in Teacher's classrooms, Teacher Creative Material!

Reaction: Nothing!

Appreciation: We made name blocks for our teachers, and bought Mrs. Kallas and Stevens spa day gift cards!

Fundraising: Cookie dough fundraising,

Leadership: teachers helping do leadership!

education awareness: Nothing!

Services: Nothing!

I'm doing Teacher creative Material's all Year long!

  • Sort It Out: kids practice sorting out classifying objects using different criteria.
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Field Site Reflection!

The First picture: Is about Morning meeting. like every Monday, Tuesday, Friday they do morning where they sit around the table they choose two of the kids to be helpers. then one of the head teachers lead's the morning meeting and the kids would have there binders and they would check of things like if they are here or not! they do the weather, and groom check ( example brushing their teeth, washing hair & body, putting on clean clothes) !

The Second Picture: This Happens every Wednesday, Thursday they do job boxes that they are given. Simple tasks that they are responsible to complete. And when they have complete finished two job boxes . they have a ten minute break then after they are done with their break they will have to return to working on jobs. ( example taking apart and putting together bolts, putting eraser on pencils, putting simple thing together and just taking them apart )

My future as a Teacher!

My Dream school, any Christian College but I would have to pick Liberty University.

Nope I have not made any college visits yet! And I haven't taking any test yet at this moment, Because we are waiting the School's I have applied for are CFNI, Liberty University, MBU! I plan on going to Liberty University or MBU because it has great housing, church services, and the major i really want and need to do my career.

(If I decide not to go to school, my plan's are to go Tennessee to work for Steven Curtis Chapman's. Orphanage SHOW HOPE)

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Liberty University

(Liberty University) 1971 University Boulevard · Lynch burg, VA 24515 · (434) 582-2000

Show hope Orphanage ( Steven Curtis Chapman )

Tennessee . PO Box 647. Franklin, TN 37065 (Phone) 615.550.5600 (Fax) 615.595.0850