The Element Called Gold

By: Colin Chalupa

What about Gold?

Gold is a soft but heavy metal that is both malleable and ductile. It has a melting point of 1064.18 degrees Celsius with a boiling point of 2856 degrees Celsius. Gold has a 19,320 kg/m cubed. Gold has many uses including jewelry, medals and rewards, and currency. Gold has 59 isotopes with 197 being the most common and stable one.

The Story of Little Johnny and his gold tooth.

One day there is this boy named Little Johnny. His life was going to turn around because his teeth were aching and moaning so he decided to get them pulled. So to replace his old adult tooth Little Johnny decided to get the new talking gold tooth. So he did get it and it was great, shiny, and new.

After awhile Little Johnny began to complain about the heaviness of his jaw and the tooth wanted to be free from Johnny's stinky mouth. So the gold tooth convinced Johnny to take a trip to a new planet where it was much lighter in weight but it was really hot in the planet. But Johnny agreed without even knowing of the planet. So they left in Little Johnny's parents personal space ship. As soon as they landed Johnny has regretted the gold tooth's option of the planet but did the gold tooth have a surprise.

On this new planet it was over 2000 degrees Celsius only and the gold toot instantly began to melt when Johnny stepped outside needing 1064.18 degrees Celsius to melt but not enough heat to boil. Johnny ran back in the ship where he spit out the melted gold. The old gold tooth was happy as he returned back to a solid once they left the planet. He then became a very shiny gold robot once he convinced Little Johnny's parents to lend some extra gold for the body. And now the tooth lives happily ever after.