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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Oh the wonders of technology!

Hello Briones Families,

This message went out last night, however there was an issue with Blackboard, the platform that we send Smore messages through and it only went to student inboxes. Derek Moore, our CTO, has called Blackboard to fix the glitch and we are new set to go.

Thanks to our PTA for continuing to reach out to be sure everyone is getting all communications they need. I think we are finally there!

We will hit bumps along the way. I certainly appreciate your patience as we work them out!

Thank you so much!


Here we go!

Dear Briones Families,

Saying farewell to summer and preparing for the new school year in a distance learning format comes with a variety of feelings. If we could all be together learning safely on campus it is what we would all want.

While in-person learning is not an option yet, our staff has been working very hard to prepare distance learning programs that incorporate the best of what we learned last spring and all the new strategies and best practices that we are currently learning about. Programs will look different this fall as a result of that learning and we look forward to partnering with you to support each of our students academically, socially, and emotionally.

You will notice a difference in:

• The academic schedule

• The amount of synchronous learning time

• The amount of community-building and SEL support

• The delivery of instruction and access to content

• Opportunities to connect your teacher

• Opportunities for parents/guardians to provide feedback

This is the first time we are opening school using a distance learning model and compassionate collaboration will be key.

I look forward to "seeing" all of our students on the first day of school, Monday, August 17, at 8:30 AM!



Materials and Technology Distribution/Exchange

MANY Thanks to Trader Joe's on Showers Drive in Mountain View for donating all 300 supply bags, aka: "Mobile Student Desks"

When: Thursday, August 13th, and Friday, August 14th between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Parents can choose the day and time that works best for them.

Where: The drop-off and pick-up driveway in front of the MP room. Please drive up Orme Street to enter the distribution area. If you are walking, please line up on the "x's" in front of the Briones sign and a volunteer will help you.

What: Return your current device for a new Acer Chromebook and pick up a "mobile desk" full of school supplies and curriculum.


1. Put your current device and charger in a bag with your child's first and last name written clearly on the bag.

2. Put the bag in your trunk

3. Pull up to the first table at the end of Orme Street and open your trunk. A volunteer will remove the bag.

4. Keep your trunk open and pull up to your child's current grade level table where a volunteer will put a "mobile desk" bag full of supplies in your trunk.

5. If you were unable to pick up your child's materials from the end-of-the-year in June, they will be available. Just let the volunteer know.

6. Finally pull forward to the final table with your trunk still open and we will put a new device in your trunk.

Once you get home, please complete the following form to register your device. Please be sure to include the serial number from your new device on the form. Thank you!

Technology Registration Form

Class Placement and Staffing Updates

Briones, along with several other schools, has made some grade-level and staffing adjustments to accommodate the shift in enrollment due to Full Distance Learning program participation across the district and declining enrollment.

At Briones, we have had to collapse a third-grade class and open a 2/3 combination class. Our new 5th-grade teacher, Ms. Diane Darrow has moved to the FDL program and we wish her the best! Our other new teacher, Ms. Heather Driscoll, will move from 3rd to 5th grade, and Ms. Julia Hughes will be teaching the 2/3 combination class.

We are very fortunate that Mrs. Driscoll is an experienced 5th-grade teacher and Ms. Hughes taught 3rd-grade for 13 years in addition to being an experienced combination class teacher!

My thanks to Ms. Darrow, Mrs. Driscoll, and Ms. Hughes for their flexibility and support of our students during these challenging times.

Getting Ready for School

Setting Up Home Learning Spaces

It will be important to help your child set set themselves up for success at home. Children in grades K-5 are capable of doing this! Here are some tips to try:

• Ask your child to think about what they need to do their best learning at home. Do they need a standing desk (These can be created from materials/furniture you may already have at home), a timer, a calendar?

• Ask them to choose a space in the house where they would feel most comfortable focusing and learning.

• Help them get into the habit of storing all of their supplies, books, and technology in their sturdy, Trader Joe's "mobile desk" so they can move to different locations without losing materials.

When you invite your child to make decisions about their learning space they will be more invested in making it work and if it doesn't, invite them to come up with creative solutions!

Become familiar with Schoology

Check out the Schoology Backpack course for parents so that you can show your child how to access their work. All parents are automatically enrolled. If you find that you are not, please let the District know through the "Let's Talk" app.

Schoology Backpack Course

Stay Informed

Attend PAUSD Board Meetings

To watch without participating go to:

To watch and participate: Check the Board's webpage on the PAUSD website