Going Paperless

A Guide to Maintaining a Paperless Classroom

1. Choose a Learning Management System.

The first step in going paperless is choosing a learning management platform that will assist in delivering lessons and accepting paperless assignments form students.

2. Use cloud-based programs to create documents.

Students should become increasingly familiar with their Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts in order to create live documents. Sharing documents and presentations with instructors is made easy in cloud-based programs

Create. Publish. Share

What is Bloom's Digital Taxonomy?

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy isn't about the tools or technologies rather it is about using these to facilitate learning. Outcomes on rubrics are measured by competence of use and most importantly the quality of the process or product. For example. Bookmarking a resource is of no value if the resource is inappropriate, invalid, out of date or inaccurate. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy lends itself to problem and project based learning where the student must work through the entire process of development and evaluation.